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India is emerging as one of the most lucrative markets for airlines across the globe. Recently, the Malaysia-based carrier, AirAsia, settled its base in the country and commenced operations in the nation. With the onset of these low-cost carriers (LCCs), flight tickets booking is increasing day by day in the nation. IndiGo is one of them and has efficiently utilised resources available in the country by making the most of them. Today, it is the leading airline of the country, with over 32 per cent of market share and impressive financial records. As per reports, not Only India but this LCC is listed as one of the fastest growing carriers of the world also. With a fleet size of over 82 aircraft, including latest models offered by Boeing and Airbus, it operates more than 530 flights every day.

This Gurgaon-based airline recently added new routes in its booking options. Apart from this, it has announced flights at just INR 700 to and from different destinations of India. The offer was launched for a limited period, and IndiGo online booking to different cities can be done at this unbelievable price. This deal was rolled out by the company just after sales announced by rivals – SpiceJet and GoAir. These fare wars benefit passengers as well as increase the load factor, which in turn increases the revenue. However, these razor-thin profits are compromised by many of the players to allure passengers and to survive in this competitive market. The offer is valid on travel dates falling between 16th January and30th April, and 1st July and 30th September, 2015. It was aggressively promoted on social media sites, and other travel portals also listed this offer. The carrier also allowed travellers to block the seat for around six hours and then make the payment if they want to proceed with the travel plan.

A few days back, Jet Airways announced a flash sale, where it provided up to 50 per cent discount on its tariffs of national as well as international flights. AirAsia also offered seats at just INR 690 to different destinations in the southern part of the country.






Impact of Strategic Changes on IndiGo Flight Booking

The largest airline of India – IndiGo – has been quite open about its expansion plans. The resultant of an initiation by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh S Gangwal, it is growing at a faster rate than ever. It is part of the InterGlobe Enterprises and has its headquarters in Gurgaon. As per recent reports revealed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), IndiGo owns more than 31 per cent of the market in India. It provides cheap air tickets to more than 35 destinations by operating over 500 daily flights with around 79 aircraft. The airline recently announced to offer initial public offering (IPO) after restructuring of its share structure.

After getting the permission of Foreign Investment Promotion Board of India to convert the share of one of its partners in Non-resident Indian (NRI) shareholding, this budget carrier can now raise fund through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). As per Indian laws, an enterprise can have 49 per cent share in its equity through a foreign investor. Several airlines have shown their interest in investing in this growing airline. IndiGo has not revealed any information regarding the prospective investors so far, but as per reports, it will be taking around 12 aircraft on lease from Tigerair – a Singapore-based airline.

The carrier may take two aircraft every month starting from October and the process will go on till March. A total of 12 aircraft will be added to the fleet size of this low-cost carrier (LCC) by the end of this fiscal year. The competitor, AirAsia is also planning to add around five new models in order to increase the number of daily flights. GoAir owned by the Wadia Group is looking forward to launch international flights from next summer. It is expected that these additions may lead to hike in the GoAir, AirAsia and IndiGo flight booking in coming months.






IndiGo Booking to Witness Ascent as it Strengthens its Domestic Network

IndiGo, which is one of the most prominent and the largest airline of India, has launched four new domestic flights connecting major cities of the country. This no-frills carrier made the official announcement of this addition recently during a press conference. With this addition, the count of flights operated by this low-cost carrier (LCC) crossed the benchmark figure of 500. These new flights will be connecting Chennai, Pune, Jammu as well as Delhi. The LCC is also planning to commence operations of other non-stop flights between Jammu and Delhi, as well as Chennai and Pune. These air services will be operational from 15th June, 2014. According to travel experts, this new venture will increase the sale of airline tickets.

The carrier operates models to regional as well as neighbouring international destinations. A top executive official of the company said that the incredible support and positive feedback from customers have helped the airline to achieve a distinct position in the market in a short span. These new connections have been launched on the basis of high demand of aircraft in these routes, he added. The company also revealed its motto of continually providing enhanced flexibility, as well as increased choices to the customers. An official stated that IndiGo seeks to offer heckle-free as well as affordable air tickets.

The LCC has been introducing promotional schemes, discount offers and adding flights since the beginning of the current fiscal. Last month the airline announced a special plan, known as Family fares, which offers a discount on air tickets of up to 25 per cent for families and four or more than four members travelling together in a common PNR. This offer can be availed for a maximum of nine tourists, flying together in a domestic aircraft, subject to availability. It is being predicted that these strategic marketing plans, expansions and promotional offers will further boost IndiGo booking.






Introduction of Eight New IndiGo Domestic Flights

IndiGo – the largest low-cost airline in India in terms of market share has added eight new domestic flights connecting major cities, including Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Srinagar and Dibrugarh. This addition has been done under the network expansion agenda of the carrier and will definitely be a boon for fliers. With the initiation of these services from March 15, 2014, this no-frills carrier now operates over 480 daily aircraft connecting more than 35 destinations with a fleet of 77 Airbus A320s. It is expected that fliers will have more options for availing cheap air tickets domestic flights.

Boost in its Connectivity to Major Cities


Easy accessibility to Tier I and Tier II cities and frequent connectivity are two key areas that IndiGo seeks to improve by introducing new flights from time to time. The carrier now operates five aircraft between Delhi and Chennai and two between Delhi and Kochi everyday. Additionally, it has hiked its operations to four daily services from Mumbai to Chennai and Kolkata. All these aircraft fly directly to their respective destinations without any stoppage. Furthermore, IndiGo now operates on five new routes from Delhi – third non-stop to Bhubaneswar and Guwahati, fifth non-stop to Lucknow and Srinagar, and sixth non-stop to Hyderabad.

With considerable addition to the number of IndiGo domestic flights, it has set up a benchmark for other Indian carriers. The progressive steps of this low-cost carrier (LCC) has given it a competitive edge in the market. It is one of the fastest growing low-cost carriers in the world and has a market share of more than 30 per cent (as of September 2013) in India. Industry experts are of the opinion that other leading carriers of the country are expected to rise to the competition posed by this top Indian LCC.

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IndiGo offers Two More Flights to Bhubaneswar

Travellers from Odisha will get two more opportunities to book a flight ticket for domestic travelling from Biju Patnaik International Airport. Popular low-cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo has secured the green signal to initiate two flights from Bangalore and Delhi via Visakhapatnam to Bhubaneswar. These services are set to be initiated from the first week of March 2014. However, scheduling of these have not been finalised yet, by the leading carrier of India. This new service will boost the domestic service form this airport as the total number of flights have been increased to 18.

Initially, the number of flights from this terminal was 19, but it reduced to 16 after Jet Airways stopped three services to this airport. Incidentally, these options were provided to Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. With this inclusion, people will be able to avail IndiGo offers on services to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. However, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is waiting for the schedules from the LCC.

There has been a lot of changes in the scheduling of flights to and from this airport after it was granted international status recently. As a result of this change in its status, several popular foreign names showed their interest in initiating operations from this location. It is also expected that more operations will be initiated in the near future. This has become an alternate option for those opting for international travelling from eastern parts of India. Travellers will be able to find the renewed Indigo flight schedule on popular travel portals as soon as they are updated. Considering this boost in its schedule, the passenger inflow and market share of the leading LCC is also expected to increase. This will also give IndiGo a better hold of the aviation market when the two foreign carriers, Singapore Airlines and AirAsia enter Indian aviation.


Indigo Airline Aiming Towards Attaining 1000 Aircraft in the Near Future

Indigo, which has been rated as one of the fastest growing low-cost carriers (LCC) globally, follows three basic points to give its customers a superior flying experience. This LCC aims to offer passengers with cheapest airfare option, strict adherence to the scheduled timings and pleasant in-flight services. Together, these factors have provided a boost to passenger traffic of this airline, making it the leading carrier in India.


As a direct impact of its wide popularity and growing market share, Indigo Airline targets to increase its fleet size substantially in the coming years. According to top officials, it is aiming to escalate it to a whopping 1000 aircraft models. However, the time designated for reaching the coveted 1000-fleet mark has not been finalised yet.


Booming Indian Market


Going by the huge potential that the Indian sub-continent has in aviation sector, there is no way as to why this ambition of attaining 1000 aircrafts cannot be realised. The demand for air travelling in the country is increasing by each passing year. So, to exploit this aspect, the decision to increase the fleet will surely boost the frequency in the Indigo flight schedule.


Currently having 70 Airbus SAS A320s, Indigo had previously ordered 180 models from Airbus in 2011 with a net worth of 15 billion dollars. Prior to this order, which was the biggest at that time in the history of civil aviation, the carrier had made a deal for 100 models from Airbus. According to officials, there are plans to replace its old aircraft once this backlog is cleared. An important point to note in this context is that almost 89 per cent of the fleet of this LCC are financed by leaseback agreements. According to this pact, there is a third party, which takes ownership of the aircraft and gives it to the carrier on rent. This deal protects the airline suffering from depreciated values of aircrafts with the passage of time.

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